Charlotte Real Estate Maps

The Charlotte metropolitan area includes several surrounding counties. The city of Charlotte itself occupies most of Mecklenburg County.  With such an expanse, and for real estate purposes only, the region has been divided into ‘areas’, with ‘sub-areas’ within each area.  This allows homebuyers to narrow down their searches. When purchasing or selling real estate in Charlotte, these area designations are the key factor in isolating where a property is located.

Below are real estate maps of each area in Mecklenburg County, as well as maps for Lake Norman, Lake Wylie, Union County, Iredell County, Cabarrus County, and a detailed area map of downtown Charlotte.  Each area map contains the sub-areas within, and major road boundaries.  These maps are to be used for real estate purposes only – please don’t try to find your way around town with them.

All maps are in pdf form.

The following maps/areas are for areas surrounding Charlotte and Mecklenburg County:

  • AREA 10 – Union County (NC) – Southwest of Charlotte
  • AREA 11 – Cabarrus County – Northeast of Charlotte
  • AREA 12 – Iredell County – North of Charlotte
  • AREA 13 – Lake Norman – North of Charlotte
  • AREA 15 – Lake Wylie – Southwest of Charlotte