6 Tips for Finding a Great Moving Company in Charlotte

After buying a new home, the next big task is moving. Many people who plan a move are looking for a moving company that’s reliable and can ease the stress associated with moving. The moving industry, like others, does have its share of fly-by-night operators — so it’s important you don’t leave choosing a moving company to chance. Whether your new place is a rental home or a fantastic new single family home in Charlotte, you’re starting fresh after all. Make a conscious effort to find a proven and professional moving company that can make your move a smooth experience. Here are six moving planning tips to help you do just that in Charlotte.

1. Ask Friends or Colleagues Who Have Moved Recently

Sure, an internet search is a common place to start looking for a good moving company. The fact is, however, this is where you will get the largest number of choices. A smart way to start out is to ask for referrals from your local Realtor, friends, or colleagues that have worked with a local moving company in Charlotte recently. Ask about the cost of the move and both positive and negative experiences.

2. Phone and Online Estimates Are Just That – Estimates

Take any estimate over phone or by cubic feet with a grain of salt. It’s hard to draw an accurate estimate without physically checking on the number of things you have to move, their size, and if there are belongings that require special handling like antiques, pianos, or glass furniture. Online estimates sometimes have hidden costs or extra charges, giving you a low estimate upfront, yet the final bill will be much higher. Check each company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau and their Yelp or Google reviews.

3. Make Sure You Have At Least Three Names Shortlisted

Local real estate agents and professionals can be a great source of information about trusted moving companies. You can ask for referrals of top moving companies nearby and then visit them personally. Make sure you have at least three names on your list, so that you can compare features, rates, and facilities being offered in order to choose the one that fits your moving needs.

4. Do Business with an Insured and Licensed Moving Service

If possible, get all the three companies to visit your current home for a personalized estimate. Make sure they are shown all of your furniture, big and small, you want to move and get the estimate in writing and in detail so there will be no squabbling over any additional charges that may be added later. Moreover, ask for licenses, insurance coverage, and referrals, so that you are sure you are doing business with a company that’s licensed and legal. Comparing the written estimates and other factors should help you zero in on a company that is right for you.

5. Make Sure All Bases are covered

If you want your moving company to handle the packaging part as well, get all the details and cost on this as well. Does the price include all the packaging materials and accessories? Will they do all the loading, unloading, and unpacking as well? If you are moving to an apartment in a high-rise, make sure you bring it to their notice. Most companies charge extra to move belongings to a higher floor. It is better to know all this upfront to avoid hassles and confrontations later.

6. Choose an Experienced Moving Company

It is always a good idea to take all the information you have gathered about the moving companies and get back online. Make sure they’re incorporated in your state and check for how long they’ve been in this business. You don’t want your belongings to be handled by an inexperienced mover who has just started out. Experienced movers are more trustworthy, as they will have the staff and a professional team to carry out every part of the move with clockwork precision.

Kurt Jacobson is a surfing enthusiast with a background in real estate. Having moved 10 times in the past 7 years, he thrives on helping others learn from his experiences. When he’s not out shredding waves he writes about rental homes for rentfinder.co.


3 Mistakes Sellers Make When Hiring a Listing Agent in Charlotte and How to Avoid Them

One of the most important factors when selling a home in Charlotte is decided long before your listing appears online or you add that fresh coat of paint to the walls. When you’re selling your home, choosing the right listing agent can make or break your sale. Choosing a listing agent is a big decision, but there are some things you can do to make sure you choose the right Realtor for the job.

1. Choosing the Agent Who Quotes the Highest List Price

There are signs that the real estate market is recovering in Charlotte, but there are still plenty of agents who are willing to “buy” your listing by quoting a high list price. Living in a home that sits on the market for months on end due to an unrealistically high list price won’t help you reach your goal of selling. Look for an agent who suggests a listing price that is realistic and in line with the Charlotte real estate market. Ask your potential Realtor to explain why they are suggesting a certain list price and be sure they can back it up with comps, or other similar homes that have recently sold in your area. If you’re not confident with their answers, look for someone else.

2. Choosing an Agent Based Solely on Their Pitch

You need an agent who will sell your home, not you. A pretty listing presentation is great, but it won’t necessarily sell your home. Ask to see examples of how the agent you’re interviewing marketed and sold other homes in your area. Does the listing grab your attention? Does it make you want to learn more? Do the pictures look appealing and professional? A listing agents job is to sell your home. Ask yourself if you are confident that they can accomplish that for you.

3. Choosing an Agent Based on Personal Connections

Recommendations and references are great ways to find a Realtor, but only if they are based on the agent’s ability to successfully sell homes. Just because a friend or family member has a Charlotte real estate license doesn’t mean they are a good salesperson or the right fit for you. Look for an agent who has experience and success in selling homes like yours, in your area. Selling your home is one of the biggest transactions of your life. Who do you trust to get it done for you?

We have been successfully selling homes in the Charlotte area in both North Carolina and South Carolina for over 20 years and know what it takes to get the job done. Ready to list your home? Give us a call to learn more about what we can do to help you.

4 Projects That Will Add Value To Your Property in Charlotte

By Doug Chapman, www.homedaddys.com

Whether you plan on selling your house in the near future, or you just want to add those extra touches to spice your home up, many projects can be the tip of the iceberg to accomplish these tasks.

These can either be weekend projects, or ones that may take a few weeks to finish. Either way, they all will add investment value to your home and make it look even better than it already does.

Here are five projects that you can do yourself in Charlotte (or you can hire a contractor to finish) that will instantly add value to your home:

1. Updating your Kitchen

Adding value to your kitchen – which is one of the most-used and most-often seen places of your house – is easy. You can do this yourself with a little elbow grease, and all of the necessary items to upgrade your kitchen are available at your fingertips. You can add new cabinetry or countertops, or you could simply get new hardwood flooring and add new appliances. This is one room and one project that you don’t want to ignore, though, because this is arguably the most important improvement that can instantly add more value to your Charlotte home.

2. Finishing your Deck

This project can be one of two things: you can either put a new deck on and add value to your home or you can refurbish the deck you already have – just making it look more fresh and new. Regardless, finishing the deck is a key in the Charlotte area. Most homeowners want a deck to relax on, eat dinner and have a few drinks in the summer time. And it isn’t that hard to accomplish. Your local hardware store will help you with all the needs for doing this project yourself, from the 2x4s to the gaffer tape to the finishing touches of stain. A finished deck is a natural appeal for any potential buyer in Carolina.

3. New Roofing

Unless you are in the business, this project may have to be done by an outside contractor. However, this would be a major improvement that would go a long way, whether you plan on staying in the house yourself or if you are putting it on the market. A new roof is something that is ALWAYS asked and talked about when you are talking about houses, so this project would pay dividends across the board.

4. New Paint Throughout the House

It seems to never fail, so when in doubt, add a new paint job to the interior of your home. It doesn’t have to be a complete inside paint job of every room, but adding a new touch gives your home a feel that you – and potential buyers in Charlotte – love to have. This is definitely a project you do on your own over a weekend, and make sure to take the time to get colors that won’t have you regretting it and doing the same project again next year.

Top 5 Reasons To Use a Buyer’s Agent in Charlotte, NC

Buying a home in North Carolina can be a daunting, overwhelming experience, but you don’t have to go it alone. At Top Charlotte Agent, we have decades of experience helping people like you find their perfect home in Charlotte at a great price. There are many benefits to working with a Charlotte buyer’s agent, but these are our top five. Give us a call or send us a message if you want to know more about working with a buyer’s agent in Charlotte, North Carolina or the surrounding areas.

1. It costs you nothing.

As the buyer, you will pay nothing for the knowledge, service, and guidance that a buyer’s agent provides. The North Carolina and South Carolina real estate industries are structured so that the commission the home seller pays typically compensates both the seller’s and buyer’s agents. Not only is the service of a buyer’s agent free to you, but working with a qualified buyer’s agent often helps you save money on the purchase price of your new home.

2. Complex legal contracts and negotiations deserve a professional.

Purchasing a home is likely the most financially significant and lasting decision you will ever make. From making an offer to closing, the decisions surrounding the purchase of a home are multifaceted and complex. It is best to leave the uncertainty and stress behind and work with a licensed Realtor who represents your best interests in the Charlotte real estate market. Working with a professional can help protect you from unpleasant surprises.

3. Access to expert knowledge of the local area.

Whether you want to live near great schools or popular restaurants, an experienced buyer’s agent can help you decide where in Mecklenburg area to focus your search for a new home. Our buyer’s agents knows the intricacies of the local real estate market and the benefits of Charlotte’s best neighborhoods. This knowledge is helpful for everyone, but especially if you are new to the area. During a relocation to Charlotte, a buyer’s agent can be an invaluable resource that you can’t do without. Learn more about living in Charlotte with our Charlotte Relocation Guide.

4. Insider knowledge of prime listings and access to the complete MLS.

Online searches often display many incomplete and out of date listings. Nothing feels worse than finding the home of your dreams online, only to discover that it went off the market months ago. Licensed Realtors in North Carolina and South Carolina have unlimited access to complete listings on the Realtor only Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Many of the best listings never even make it to the internet, because they sell almost as soon as they arrive on the MLS. Only a buyer’s agent can make sure you know about the best Charlotte listings immediately.

5. Bargaining power to get the best price possible.

Experienced Charlotte buyer’s agents have insights on the local real estate market and can help you craft the most competitive offer for the home you want. They have access to details on comps, or similar homes that have recently sold in the area. They may even have experience working with the seller’s agent. Not only are experienced agents skilled negotiators, they can also help take the emotion out of the equation. All of these insights empower a buyer’s agent to help you get the best deal on the home of your dreams.

With all of these great benefits, there really is no reason not to work with a buyer’s agent when you’re ready to purchase a home. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you easily purchase the home of your dreams in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

Home Staging Tips in Charlotte, NC

When you are selling your home in Charlotte, first impressions make all the difference. Sellers often forget that the first showing now takes place online. Most buyers will see the photos of your home that your agent includes with your listing long before deciding to schedule a showing in person.

No matter where you live in Mecklenburg county, making sure your home looks its best from the beginning can make all the difference. The goal is to make your home look as spacious, bright, and inviting as possible. While many people think a trip to the hardware store is the only way to prepare a home for listing, there are key home staging touches you can easily do to make your home more inviting. Best of all, no handyman skills necessary!

Before your listing photo shoot, try out some of these staging tips for your Charlotte home.


  • Remove magnets, pictures, etc. from the fridge.
  • Clear the top of the fridge and minimize items displayed above the cabinets.
  • Clean crevices around counters and fixtures (a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser can be your best friend).
  • Also, check out these other, inexpensive kitchen upgrade tips.


  • Close the toilet lid.
  • Tie back your shower curtain.
  • Replace worn bath mats and towels with new, brightly colored ones.
  • Clear counters and place all personal items in drawers or cabinets.

Living Spaces:

  • Clear coffee and side tables. Don’t forget to put remotes and magazines in a drawer.
  • Remove personal photos. Everyone loves cute babies and puppies, but pictures of your personal memories can distract potential buyers.
  • Focus on making living spaces feel as large as possible by removing extra furniture.
  • Open curtains and blinds to let in as much natural light as possible.
  • Sometimes your home will be shown in the evening, so be sure all rooms have bright, inviting light.

Dining Room:

  • Add a tasteful centerpiece and clear all other clutter.
  • Remove any extra chairs or side tables.


  • Add a few decorative pillows, but don’t overload the bed.
  • Clear dresser tops and store memorabilia.
  • Organize and straighten closets.

Garage & Patio:

  • Store extra boxes, tools, equipment, and lawn furniture in an attic or storage unit.
  • Sweep and clean the floor, including the corners.

Now your home looks great! After you hire the right agent to market your home in Charlotte, make sure it shows off its best side. Ask your agent for digital copies of your listing photos and use them as a reference before showings. Don’t forget all of your special touches and other top showing essentials when potential buyers visit!

Using the Same Buyers and Sellers Agent in Charlotte

If you are selling your home in Charlotte, NC and looking to buy within the area there is no reason to hire a separate buyers agent and selling agent. Whether you have outgrown your home or need to downsize, changing homes within the Charlotte area is common. Our realtors at Top Charlotte Agent are skilled listing and buying agents and can help you through every part of your transaction.

Why Use the Same Agent

You will want to work with an agent you trust during both the home buying and selling processes. It is a good idea to meet with real estate agents to find someone who has the knowledge and experience you are looking for. When you are staying in the Charlotte area there is no need to go through this process twice when the same agent can fulfill your needs.

Convenience is also a major benefit of using the same Charlotte real estate agent. You can talk to your buyers agent and your listing agent with one phone call. This makes it much easier to get updates on both processes simultaneously.

When you are working with the same agent to buy and sell your home in Charlotte, North Carolina, your real estate has a better sense of your timeline. By knowing the details of your home sale, your realtor can help coordinate your closings of both houses and minimize your transition time between homes.

For help selling your home and buying a new house in the Charlotte, NC area, give us a call!

Do I Need a Buyers Agent?

As a buyer entering the housing market, you are faced with an important decision: to hire a buyers agent or go at it alone. Buying a home is a big decision, and there are a number of reasons a qualified buyers agent in Charlotte is essential to your home purchase.

Housing Market Knowledge

When navigating the real estate market in Charlotte, it is important to have an expert on your side to help guide you. An extensive knowledge of housing market trends is vital when buying a home. Working with an expert in the industry gives you a past to present view on what has influenced the market in Charlotte, North Carolina. Industry expertise paired with comprehensive knowledge of the area gives you a big advantage when working with a buyers agent.

Historical Price Data

A buyers agent can access historical price data for the home you are considering. Historical data can help determine a fair price for the home, as well as assess its resale potential. Your buyers agent can access and analyze this data to help you make the most informed decision on your purchase.

Keep Track of Details

Chances are, buying a house is not the only thing you are focused on. With work and family obligations, keeping up with the details of your home purchase can be a handful. There are a lot of moving parts to keep track of when it comes to buying a home: searching for homes, setting up showings, making an offer, inspections, the mortgage, the closing, real estate lawyers, and the title company to name a few. Your buyers agent in Charlotte will guide you through the process and keep you on schedule.

Contact us to learn how one of our buyers agents can help you find a home in Charlotte, NC!

9205 Kingsmead Lane

Exciting, impressive, warm & inviting describes this wonderful home. Formal two-story foyer greets you as you step through mahogany doors.  Well designed open kitchen with hign end cabinetry, a large island and a sunny breakfast room.  Spacious great room is poised for entertaining or quiet times.  Dining room perfect for large or intimate moments.  Office has coffered  ceiling & beadboard walls.  Executive owner’s suite is accented by a  fireplace and built-ins.  Upper level has very large secondary rooms, great closet space and a bonus/media room. Fabulous courtyard with yet another fireplace is just ideal for outdoor entertaining or cozy evenings.  Partial basement storage area could be a future wine cellar.  A wonderful community with sought after schools and nearby shopping.

Listing Price: $730,000
Address: 9205 Kingsmead Lane
City: Waxhaw
State: NC
ZIP: 28173
Subdivision: Kingsmead
Legal: #6Hunter Oaks PH10/BLK5
Builder: Dowd
Tax Value: 751,870
County: Unioin
MLS # (if any): 2142822
Square Feet: 4,000
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 3/2
Basement (full, 1/2, finished, unfinished):
None Year Built: 2003
Tax Loc: Waxhaw
Zoning: AE4

Approx. Acres: 0.34
Lot Description:
New Construction:
HOA Fee: 738.00 Annual
HOA Phone: 704-847-3507
Style: Transitional
Exterior Const: Hard Stucco
Driveway: Concrete
Parking: 3 Car Garage
Aprx Lot Dim: 100x150
Primary Residence:
Subject to HOA: Yes
HOA Mgmt: Braesel Mgmt.
Schools: Marvin Ridge
Type: 2 Story
Foundation: crawl
Fireplace: yes/ indoor & outdoor
Laundry: 1st Floor Utility
Floors: 2

3246 Park Road

Stunning luxury condo on first level located in rear for privacy offering piece and tranquility. Very well appointed with all the finishing touches one would come to expect.  Large serving bar looks out upon the living room.  Beautiful fireplace & built-in’s too!  Owners suite is bathed in windows with a wonderful bathroom as well.  A covered terrace gives you that certain piece of heaven.  Located just minutes from Dilworth, great shopping and restaurants.  In addition to a short drive to uptown (10 minutes) you are also close to some of the best medical facilities in Charlotte.  **Owners are also interested in a rent back for two years so this could be an ideal investment opportunity.**  This well taken care of home will be a pleasure to show.

Listing Price: 325000
Address: 3246 Park Road
City: Charlotte
State: NC
ZIP: 28209
Subdivision: Parkwood Knoll
Legal: Unit 3246 U/F 830-1
Tax Value:
County: Mecklenburg
MLS # (if any): 2140154
Square Feet: approx. 1650
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Basement (full, 1/2, finished, unfinished): n/a
None Year Built: 2007
Tax Loc: Charlotte

Approx. Acres: n/a
Lot Description: 1st floor entry
New Construction:
HOA Fee:
HOA Phone:
Style: Transitional
Exterior Const: Brick and Stone
Parking: covered parking garage
Aprx Lot Dim:
Primary Residence:
Subject to HOA: yes
HOA Mgmt:
Type: mid-rise condo
Fireplace: yes
Laundry: yes, in unit

5520 Allison Lane

Beautiful well-maintained townhome in great area!  Bright and sunny, very roomy!  9′ ceilings down, 8′ ceilings up. Fireplace in great room and functional separate office space is a must see! Lots of storage and large closets.  Master suite has bath w/ double vanities and separate shower and tub.  Back yard is fenced an private – a rare find for a town home!  Beautiful well-maintained townhome in great area!  Bright and sunny, very roomy!  9′ ceilings down, 8′ ceilings up. Fireplace in great room and functional separate office space is a must see! Lots of storage and large closets.  Master suite has bath w/ double vanities and separate shower and tub.  Back yard is fenced an private – a rare find for a town home!

Listing Price: 200,000
Address: 5520 Allison Lane
City: Charlotte
State: NC
ZIP: 28277
Subdivision: Stone Creek Ranch
Legal: L86 M51-508
Tax Value: 178,200
County: Mecklenburg
MLS # (if any): 2136033
Square Feet: 1950
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2/1
Basement (full, 1/2, finished, unfinished): n/a
None Year Built: 2009
Tax Loc:


Approx. Acres:
Lot Description:
New Construction: n
HOA Fee:
HOA Phone:
Style: Transitional
Exterior Const: Brick Veneer Partial
Driveway: Concrete
Parking: 2 Car Garage, Attached
Aprx Lot Dim:
Primary Residence:
Subject to HOA: yes
HOA Mgmt:
Schools: Ardrey Kell
Fireplace: yes
Laundry: 2nd Floor
Floors: 2