5 Turn-Offs For Potential Buyers in Charlotte, NC

Any realtor in Charlotte, NC will tell you that selling a house is very much like getting a date. You’re supposed to make sure that your house is as attractive to buyers as possible to avoid any turn-offs that can scare away potential buyers. Of course, with dating, if you lose out on a potential date, it’s not nearly as detrimental as it is to lose thousands of dollars in a sale, or to not sell your home at all.

Don’t cramp the buyer’s style

If you are hanging over the buyer’s shoulder, you risk scaring them off. It’s okay for buyers to pursue a property, but it can be a major turn-off when sellers start stalking buyers. If buyers are viewing your home, leave the area and give the buyers just a little bit of space to explore your property.

Dress to impress the buyers

Of course, the number one thing you should always do is dress up your house. The buyers will be turned off if your house is a wreck. This can be difficult to do if you have pets and kids, but if you want to sell your home at the best possible price, your home should look like a home and not like a tornado just came through. You can consider hiring professional home stagers to ensure your home is looking its best.

Be realistic about pricing

If the asking price for your home is off base with other similar properties, chances are that buyers won’t even want to take the time to look at your home, and you’ll frustrate your real estate agent in Charlotte, NC. Buyers will not be interested in trying to negotiate down from an unrealistically high price if they have already decided that you’re out of your mind!

Just let rooms be

Believe it or not, buyers do not want to see how you have repurposed different rooms in your home. It is a big turn-off for buyers to see garages turned into bedrooms, bedrooms turned into offices, and kid’s rooms turned into amusement parks. Keep it nice and simple if you want to sell your home – people like traditional.

Pools don’t add value to your home

Unless your home is located in an area with warm weather year-round, a pool is not necessarily an asset when selling a home. In fact, some buyers may actually view your pool as a liability or something that will take time and effort to keep up with. If you have an above-ground or in-ground pool, it is important to know that this won’t add monetary value to your home. Although it may take a bit longer to sell a home with a pool, it also won’t lower your home’s overall value.

Top Charlotte Agent offers sellers the benefit of having the valuable insight of a real estate agent in Charlotte, NC. People hoping to sell their homes will appreciate having an extra pair of eyes to make sure their home is presentable and attractive to buyers.

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1910 Allison Circle, Rock Hill, SC 29732

This is a beautiful Single-Family Home located at 1910 Allison Circle, Rock Hill SC!


Listing Price: $164,900
Address: 1910 Allison Circle
City: Rock Hill
State: SC
ZIP: 29732
Tax Value:
MLS # (if any):
Square Feet: 1,595
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Basement (full, 1/2, finished, unfinished):
None Year Built:
Tax Loc:

1908 Abbotts Creek Rd, Waxhaw, NC 28173

This beautiful 4432 square foot single family home has 6 bedrooms and 5.0 bathrooms. It is located at 1908 Abbotts Creek Rd in Waxhaw, North Carolina.


Listing Price: $360,000
Address: 1908 Abbotts Creek Rd
City: Waxhaw
State: NC
ZIP: 28173
Tax Value:
MLS # (if any): 2206023
Square Feet: 4,432
Bedrooms: 6
Bathrooms: 5
Basement (full, 1/2, finished, unfinished):
None Year Built:
Tax Loc:

12133 Harrison Steel Drive, Charlotte, NC, 28277

Beautiful 2 bedroom house located in the Kingsley Subdivision in Ballantyne of South Charlotte. This house has 2 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, and  2 half bathrooms. It is 1,948 sq. ft and is perfect for a small family or couple!



Listing Price: $175,000
Address: 12133 Harrison Steel Drive
City: Charlotte
State: NC
ZIP: 28277
Subdivision: Kingsley
Tax Value:
MLS # (if any): 3015550
Square Feet: 1,948 Sq. Ft.
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2 full, 2 half
Basement (full, 1/2, finished, unfinished):
None Year Built:
Tax Loc:

Fun Things To Do in Charlotte, NC

As real estate agents in Charlotte, NC, we have to say: Charlotte is a great, exciting place to live! There is always something to see and do in this growing city. If you’re planning to move to the Charlotte area, or you’re simply just visiting, you will be able to engage in lots of interesting activities. Top Charlotte Agent discusses some of the most unique, fun things you can do in the Charlotte, NC area for people of all ages.

Charlotte Nature Museum

This museum offers a world of learning and fun for both parents and children. It is an amazing experience to walk among hundreds of thousands of free-flying butterflies in the Butterfly Pavilion. You can also enjoy story time with Grandpa Tree or visit Our Big Backyard, an outdoor exhibit designed to educate children about the flora and fauna in the Charlotte area. This museum is both interesting and informative – great for both adults and kids of all ages!

PNC Music Pavilion

PNC Music Pavilion is Charlotte’s open-air music venue that attracts some of the nation’s hottest stars. Here, you can rock out as some of your favorite performers put on spectacular shows under a starry sky. This outdoor amphitheater hosts large concerts ranging from James Taylor to OneRepublic, to Drake and Lil Wayne. Whatever genre of music you are interested it, PNC Music Pavilion caters to it!

Carolina Raptor Center

You are sure to enjoy a tour of the Carolina Raptor Center if you want to check out breeds of birds like hawks or the American Bald Eagle. You can also see what happens behind the scenes when the Raptor center takes in one of these birds to be rehabbed. If you are an animal lover, then this fun excursion will be right up your alley.

Reed Gold Mine

Before the famous gold rush on the West Coast, Charlotte became the site of the nation’s very first rush for gold. Nestled about 27 miles from the city center of Charlotte is Reed Gold Mine, which was the site where a young boy named Conrad Reed accidentally discovered a gold nugget weighing about 17 pounds. You can create your own gold rush by panning for gold at this venue, which is a great activity for kids. If you are a history buff, then this is a must-see in Charlotte, NC!

Whether you’re looking to find a place to call home in the Queen City or are just looking for recommendations for all things Charlotte, we are here to help! Top Charlotte Agent will help you find the home of your dreams in this wonderful and exciting area.

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607 Bubbling Well Rd Matthews, NC 28105

This beautifully set home is on a lot that is private, yet neighborly. Beautiful natural setting, wonderful landscaping and peaceful. This home has so much storage that “abundance” is not even the right word! Closets, cabinets, 7 (well-sized) bedrooms, 2 bonus areas, 2 kitchens, 5 full baths, 3-car garage… what more could you ask for? All of this in a tasteful understated manner. This home has endless possibilities!


Listing Price: $580,000
Address: 607 Bubbling Well Rd
City: Matthews
State: NC
ZIP: 28105
Subdivision: Sardis Grove
Tax Value:
MLS # (if any): 3001575
Square Feet: 6,460
Bedrooms: 7
Bathrooms: 4
Basement (full, 1/2, finished, unfinished):
None Year Built:
Tax Loc:

Tips for a Successful Job Relocation to Charlotte, NC

If you are planning a relocation to Charlotte, chances are you are experiencing some mixed feelings. It’s nice to land the job of your dreams, but it’s hard making a new life somewhere else!

Your Charlotte real estate agent can help you navigate the process of buying a home in the Charlotte area, but how do you cope with your new life after the dust settles? All of this can be overwhelming and can leave you feeling a little bit lost, but have no fear! Here are a few helpful hints to help make sure that your social life makes the move to the Charlotte area too.

Look to the Locals

No one knows real estate better than your Charlotte realtor and no one else knows the Charlotte area better than the locals. You can chat up the cashier at your local grocery store or the teller at the bank to find out all the local hotspots. You will not only make a friendly first impression, you may even make a few new friends.

Become a Member

Everyone benefits from becoming a member of an organization. Chances are your real estate agent in Charlotte is a member of a professional group. You can make new friends and find somewhere to belong by joining a group or club in the area.

Become a Regular

One of the best kept secrets for learning about your new hometown is to find a small diner or café and become a regular there. Introduce yourself every time you go and make sure you treat the staff well. Sooner or later, you will begin to feel connected to the area and you might even find some new friends.

Become a Volunteer

Volunteerism is a great way to make local connections and learn about the area. Find a cause or an organization that you are passionate about and become an enthusiastic booster. Volunteering will help connect you with other like-minded people and you may even be able to make a few helpful professional contacts.

Think Like a Tourist

Major metropolitan cities like Charlotte have tour buses and guided walking tours. There are also tourist centers and brochures with suggestions about places to see and things to do. These types of tours can help you get a better lay of the land without having to worry about parking or navigating busy city roads.

Purchasing a new home with the assistance of a realtor in Charlotte, like those at Top Charlotte Agent is easy when compared to relocating your social life. However, a positive attitude and these helpful hints should ensure that you have a great time becoming familiar with the Charlotte area!

3 Reasons Your Charlotte Home May Not Be Selling

Any realtor in Charlotte worth their salt will tell you that the housing market is starting to recover— or even rebound in many areas. In fact, there are areas where the demand for housing is starting to outstrip the supply of suitable homes. If you are not benefiting from this market rebound, there may be reasons why people aren’t that interested in making an offer on your home. Listed below are some of the most common reasons your house may not be selling!

The Price is Not Right

The number one reason why a home does not sell is the asking price. This is a common issue when sellers are hindered by their understandable emotional attachment to their home. These sellers may not be prepared to be objective about the actual value of their home, and therefore, are not prepared to absorb the truth about pricing that an experienced real estate agent in Charlotte can provide.

Your Home is a Fixer-Upper

If your home is run-down, this may be a major turnoff for buyers. Today’s buyers are pretty busy – they do not have the additional time to handle costly repairs. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that you need to spend a huge chunk of change to fix everything; just make your home is functional and presentable, and the buyers should start flocking to your front door.

Your House is Not Accessible

If you are not flexible in scheduling showings, you might be frustrating potential buyers. Everyone is pressed for time, but if the buyers do not get a chance to see the house, it simply won’t sell! Try to be flexible and make the time to show your house – this is necessary if you want to have a chance of getting a good offer. A Charlotte realtor can be helpful in ensuring that your house is available for showing when an interested buyer comes along.

Of course, these three reasons are not an exhaustive list of reasons why your home isn’t attracting more buyers. There can be a variety of factors that affect whether or not buyers find your home appealing. An experienced Charlotte real estate agent at Top Charlotte Agent can help ensure you have the best chances of getting the best possible offer for your home!

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5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Foreclosed Home

Any Charlotte Realtor will tell you that buying a foreclosed home is a little different than purchasing a traditional resale. If you are considering purchasing a foreclosed home, there are a few things you may want to keep in mind before you put your money down. Coming from a professional real estate agent in Charlotte, here are five things to consider before purchasing a foreclosed home.

Get Credit Pre-approval

Getting credit pre-approval is important because it is better to know how much you can afford ahead of time before approaching a real estate agent in Charlotte. Getting your credit pre-approved will let you know what your financial limit is and will streamline the purchase process. You will be able to save time looking for properties with a credit pre-approval.

Find an Charlotte Realtor

You will need to find a Charlotte real estate agent that specializes in foreclosures. An experienced realtor can help walk you through the complex process for purchasing a foreclosed home. You will be able to benefit from their experience and avoid common mistakes that many buyers may make during a real estate foreclosure sale.

Invest in a Home Inspection

Shelling out a few hundred dollars for a home inspection is much better than purchasing a home that will costs you far more money down the road. A home inspection can provide you with information about the structure of the home and anything else you should know about the property before officially purchasing it.

Look for Signs of Poor Maintenance

In a foreclosure situation, owners often give up on caring for their property. A home inspection can uncover a few problems, but it can not uncover every little thing. Gutters may need cleaning, showers and tubs may need caulk, and overgrown vegetation may need to be addressed. These are typical problems for a foreclosure, so it is important to keep a look-out for signs of poor maintenance.

Come to the sale prepared

The biggest thing to keep in mind is that all foreclosure sales areas are as-is sales. There are no warranties or guarantees; what you see is what you get. Your new home may have liens and other obligations that may not be readily apparent. It is best to come to the sale prepared to face these types of obstacles.

Nearly a third of home sales nationwide were in some stage of foreclosure during the last quarter. Purchasing a foreclosed home can be an excellent way to get a great deal on a home, but there may be hidden costs involved.

To get the benefit & experience that a realtor has with foreclosures, contact Top Charlotte Agent today!

Insider Tips for Selling Your Charlotte, NC Home

Selling real estate in Charlotte can be a complex process for sellers. A realtor in Charlotte can help you with this process, but there are a few things that you can do to make the process easier. There are so many factors to consider, and at times, supply far transcends demand. However, the go-to strategy for attracting buyers does not have to involve lowering the asking price; there are other successful methods to lure in eager buyers. Read on to learn marketing tips for your home designed to generate buyer interest and bring in the best possible selling price.

Make Sure the Buyer’s First Impression is a Great One

Any Charlotte realtor who is worth their salt will agree that no matter how good your home looks and what improvements have been made, anyone who walks through your door has already judged your home. There is never a second chance to make a first impression, so it is important that you make sure your home has curb appeal. Spruce up the exterior of your home with brightly colored flowers and shrubs; add an outside bench to make your home feel welcoming.

Always Be Ready to Show Your Home to Potential Buyers

You should be ready to show your home at all times because a buyer can walk through your door at any time. If you want to sell your home, you will need to be available at a moment’s notice, and your home should always be in tip top shape. Your bathrooms need to be clean and you should never leave dirty dishes in the sink. This strategy is necessarily convenient, but it will get your house sold.

Make Sure Your Home is Memorable to Potential Buyers

Any Charlotte NC realtor will tell you that buyers remember homes that stand out by making a positive impression. Homes that have custom additions and designs such as a new roof, a bay window with a view, or unique landscaping will stand out in the buyer’s mind. Of course, any improvements should be practical and appeal to a wide variety of people. Something that appeals only to a select few won’t be instrumental in getting your house sold, so you should be cautious but creative. Before investing in any home improvements, do your homework and make sure you can recoup your investment.

Sweeten the Deal to Make the Sale More Attractive

You can make your home more attractive to buyers by sweetening the terms of the deal. You can win over buyers by paying closing costs or offering a transferable home warranty that might cost you $300 to $400 out-of-pocket for a one-year policy. Also, offering buyers the option to close on the home in a short period of time might seal the deal with a time-motivated buyer.

Ultimately, no matter how much you do, if your home isn’t priced appropriately, it may be difficult to sell. A Charlotte Realtor can help ensure that your home is priced appropriately compared to other homes in the Charlotte area. Selling a home obviously requires hard work, but these tips coupled with a competitive price should significantly increase the odds of selling your home!

Learn how Top Charlotte Agent can help you sell your house!