Flight 1549 Passenger Story Is Important Reminder

This morning I had the opportunity to hear from one of the passengers who was on USAir Flight 1549 that crash landed in the Hudson River.  He spoke about understanding why he thinks everyone survived and reminded us to think about the important things in life by being better husbands, sons, fathers, brothers and dads.

I look at what I have in my life; my family and my business.  He reminded me to be grateful for what I have and never take it or anyone for granted – not that I ever do. [Read more...]

Billy Joel & Elton John Concert

Imagine dining uptown under Carolina Blue skies.  You say to yourself, “The food’s great and so is the atmosphere but can it get any better?”

Two hours later the evening goes from good to out of this world!  Here I am a 59 year old baby boomer who remembers the 70′s like it was yesterday when the only thing I had to worry about was [Read more...]

Stimulus Needs To Stop!

The American Heritage Dictionary defines the word Stimulus as “anything causing or regarded as causing a response.  Something that rouses to action; an incentive.”

We continue to pour money to bail out AIG, banks, auto industry and the like.  Instead of doing that, why not give every adult over the age of 18 a stimulus in the amount of 1 million dollars? [Read more...]

The Victory Junction Gang

It’s no longer about me and how much I need or how much I have.  It’s really about how lucky I am to have a healthy family, a great job in Real Estate (yes even at these times) and the ability to help others.

One of my past clients has introduced me to his company, The Victory Junction Gang.  The purpose of this organization is to [Read more...]

HBA Charlotte Against Economic Stimulus Package

Earlier this month, the Charlotte Business Journal reported on The Home Builders Association of Charlotte and their actions objecting to the economic stimulus package being proposed by President Obama: [Read more...]

Twitter Instrumental In Getting Information Out There

Utilizing current technology, we have the capability to track the amount of traffic generated by our listings on our site as well as activity on other sites where our homes for sale appear.

We had an interesting turn this week with our listing in Providence Country Club[Read more...]

Snow in Charlotte, North Carolina

The snow was falling early this morning

The snow was falling early this morning

Yes it does snow in Charlotte!  Proof is in the pictures I took this morning as the flakes were falling in Southeast Charlotte, cancelling school and causing many to stay home from work. Many who didn’t grow up in this area like to laugh at Southerners who appear to panic at the first flake and stay home as long as anything white remains on the ground [Read more...]

Real Estate Agents – Fighting the Stereotypes

Preconceived notions.

One of the most paralyzing conditions that we, as Realtors®, have to deal with every day.  We must be out to make a quick buck.  The lowest of the low.  Scum of the earth.  How can we live with ourselves? How dare we charge a fee for standing around looking pretty while someone chooses a home to buy! I can sign those forms myself without your help, thank you very much.

We understand your feelings [Read more...]

Christmas Lights With Music in Charlotte 2008

This video of Christmas lights with music by Trans Siberian Orchestra is one of the best light displays I’ve ever seen. Charlotte used to have Christmas lights like this, but I don’t know if it’s been continued.

As technology continues to evolve, it seemingly affects all areas of our lives.  Christmas light shows have become increasingly complex and wondrous to see.  It’s no longer enough to simply drive around and admire the lights.  For some of the larger displays, parking is almost required so as to enjoy the entire spectacular show complete with music!

This particular display (alas, not in Charlotte) was the winner of the Planet Christmas contest in Frisco, TX in 2005.  It would be hard to top this one.  Has anyone seen anything spectacular and worth a drive in the Charlotte area?

Thoughts On Changing the Economy

The Housing Market-

What’s it going to take to turn the housing market around?  We have to believe that it will turn around and how soon depends on you!

Day in and day out I continue to hear how bad it is.  I’m just tired of it.  People still need housing and why not purchase your own home.  Renting is a waste of time and resources.  Interest rates are low, but not at an all time low.  In most cases it is still a buyers market.

The only way that our economy will turn around is we have to invest in it and spend money.  Look – life is a risk.   So help yourself and others by going out to eat, taking that vacation, buying a new car or even purchasing a new home.