Why Should I Move to Charlotte, NC?

charlotte-skyline-2If you ask a real estate agent in Charlotte the reasons why you should consider making this fine southern city your home, you will probably get a lot of standard responses. Some of these responses may include aspects such as the quality of schools in the area, the diverse and thriving job market, and the affordable cost of living. Although these are all valid, great reasons for choosing to make Charlotte your home, there are also other exciting reasons to set up house in the Queen City.

Connect with the great outdoors

Charlotte offers the best of both worlds when it comes to living in the heart of the city and also getting to explore the great outdoors. Mecklenburg county is home to over 200 recreational facilities and parks. If you enjoy zipping along a zip line or conquering whitewater rapids, you won’t be disappointed with your options. These activities are only a hop, skip, and a jump away. You’re also about two hours from the mountains in Asheville, and about three hours away from the nearest beach. Seriously though: anything you could want outdoors is within reach in Charlotte!

Enjoy all four seasons

Did you know Charlotte enjoys blue skies and bright sunshine pretty much all year long? The summers may be a little hot and humid, but the winters are typically mild. The area enjoys an abundance of clear skies throughout the year, with winter temperatures ranging just from the mid-50s to the low 30s. Springtime temperatures usually range from the mid-50s to the high 70s. If you are the type of person who likes to enjoy all of the seasons in the year, Charlotte is the place for that.

Art, music and culture

Charlotte may not be  comparable to New York City, but it does have a thriving art community. There are tons of museums, theaters, and galleries to enjoy. Music can also be found everywhere in this cultured city with tons of concerts coming to town frequently. You can enjoy anything from acoustic performances in a variety of venues and wine bars to national acts at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.

Abundant economic opportunities

We know we mentioned the diverse and thriving job market in the list of ‘standard’ reasons why Charlotte is a great place to live, but it really is true. Not only does Charlotte have a thriving job market, but this wonderful city also welcomes entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs from all walks of life will appreciate the numerous clubs and organizations in the area that support economic development and new businesses. Forbes named Charlotte as the 12th best city for business and careers, and Entrepreneur Magazine rated it as one of the top ten places for small businesses.

As you can see, the Charlotte area has so much to offer area residents. When it comes to knowing the Charlotte area, Top Charlotte Agent has cornered the market. We have the expertise and knowledge paired with the ingenuity and adaptability required to help you search for your dream home. If you are thinking of relocating to Charlotte, let us help. Whether you need help with the transition or simply just want some inside information and expert advice, we can help.

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Why Charlotte NC is a Great Place to Live!


Charlotte is a well-known metropolitan area that encompasses a large portion of North Carolina and lies just above the South Carolina state line. Charlotte is located in Mecklenburg County and is considered to be a very desirable place to live. (We may be a little biased!) There are lots of reasons why this area is one of the best areas to move to, but we will discuss some of the biggest motivators that drive people to call this beautiful Queen City their home.

Charlotte Offers Abundant Opportunities

Many people appreciate the area because of the growing job market, low cost of living, and four-season climate. There are excellent public and private schools and a range of housing types to choose from. There is also a big choice of safe urban and rural neighborhoods to move into, whether you are a single adult living on your own or have a family and need a house.

Charlotte also appeals to the creative types! Funky in-town neighborhoods like NoDa and several live music venues, such as The Fillmore and PNC Music Pavillion, are a big draw for people who appreciate music and art.

Business owners love the diverse economy and widespread transportation system. A well-educated and productive workforce is also a definitive plus!

Charlotte Has Amassed Lots of Accolades

Charlotte area residents aren’t the only ones who have noticed how great Charlotte is. Many well-known organizations and publications have made mention of this great city in multiple accolades. Here are a few select compliments the city has garnered:

  • Money Magazine ranked Charlotte as one of the 10 Best Places to Live
  • Black Enterprise and BET.com nominated Charlotte as one of the Best Cities for Black Families
  • Forbes ranked Charlotte as one of the Best Places for Singles
  • Expansion Management cited Charlotte as one of the Top US Real Estate Markets
  • Ladies Home Journal ranked Charlotte as one of the Best Cities for Women
  • Entrepreneur Magazine recognized Charlotte as one of the Best Cities for Entrepreneurs

The truth of the matter is Charlotte, NC is a great place to live all around. It is a growing, lively city with lots of activities and events, and there is always something to do! When it comes to real estate in Charlotte, Top Charlotte Agent has cornered the market of knowledge and experience. If you are considering relocating to this great city, we can help you during this transition. Whether you need help navigating the home buying process or simply just want tips on the best neighborhoods, we can help.

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Top 5 Suburbs To Live in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is a wonderful city with a great deal of available housing options. Any Charlotte realtor will agree that this city truly is a wonderful place to live. One of the best things about the Charlotte real estate market is that there are lots of great deals to be had, even in the suburbs. The suburbs have been a good option for many buyers due to property taxes being lower. Of course, land prices are also lower and home prices are extremely reasonable. With all this in mind, here are 5 suburbs in Charlotte that surpass all the others when it comes to purchasing a home.

Fort Mill

Fort Mill really has it all! People who move to this area can enjoy the conveniences that Ballantyne offers without having to pay extra. The overall cost of living for this area is much lower. Many real estate agents in Charlotte recommended this suburb to buyers because the demographics appeal to young families who want to live somewhere that offers a strong sense of community. This area is actually located in South Carolina, but is only 18 miles from uptown Charlotte. Explore houses in Fort Mill, South Carolina!


If you’ve fallen in love with Davidson, but the home prices there are not within your price range, Concord may be your best bet. This area has a lot going on; there are specialty shops, theatres, restaurants, art galleries, and more. Best of all, these draws are all within walking distance of downtown Concord. Any realtor in Charlotte will agree that Concord is one of the best places to buy a house in Charlotte. Explore houses in Concord, North Carolina!

Indian Trail

It may be hard for many people to believe, but for a while now many Charlotte real estate agents have touted this secret gem as a wonderful place to settle. This once-sleepy suburb has recently experienced a big housing boom and the area infrastructure has finally caught up with new retail and restaurant offerings for residents. It’s a great place to live because it offers the convenience of Matthews without the high price tag. Explore houses in Indian Trail, North Carolina!

Mount Holly

Mount Holly has branded itself as a “playful city”, and with wonderful reason: the area contains two recreational facilities and six parks. Mount Holly is conveniently located across the Catawba River, right near the US National Whitewater Center. Also, Crowders Mountain State Park is only thirty minutes away from the area. This exciting suburb will most likely appeal to people who are drawn strongly to an adventurous life. Explore houses in Mount Holly, North Carolina!

Rock Hill

Although this suburb is about thirty miles from the uptown Charlotte area, it’s a prime candidate for being a wonderful place to live because of the low cost of living and strong schools. There are also lots of parks and natural spaces to wander. Winthrop University offers a bustling cultural scene for the area, which includes live music theatre and dance. The best part is that admission to these cultural hotspots usually costs less than the cultured events that go on in the uptown Charlotte area. Explore Houses in Rock Hill, North Carolina!

It is clear that the Charlotte area houses some wonderful areas for people to call home. For more information about these wonderful areas, contact Top Charlotte Agent today. We can point you to all sorts of wonderful deals on Charlotte area homes in the best Charlotte neighborhoods!

Foreclosure or Short Sale?

With more and more Americans facing the prospect of declining home values and unemployment levels not seen in quite some time, many homeowners and their lenders are facing the situation where the home is worth less than owed.  This is no problem if the owner doesn’t have to move and can afford their current payment.  If the owner is forced to sell for whatever reason, then the possibility of a short sale becomes a very real option.

What is a short sale? A short sale is an option you have before you reach the point of [Read more...]

Charlotte, NC Commuter Times

charlotte commutersThe Charlotte Chamber of Commerce has put together a series of maps that show estimated commute times from certain points in the metro area. This is a pretty cool tool for folks thinking of moving to Charlotte and are unfamiliar with commute times in different parts of the city. The times are only estimates, of course. Included in the report are occupations shared by residents in the various areas, thus allowing those who might be currently unemployed to use this information while searching for employment. The study focused on 15-30 minute drive times in 15 different areas of Charlotte.

Check it out at:

Charlotte Commuting Time Estimator

Snow in Charlotte, North Carolina

The snow was falling early this morning

The snow was falling early this morning

Yes it does snow in Charlotte!  Proof is in the pictures I took this morning as the flakes were falling in Southeast Charlotte, cancelling school and causing many to stay home from work. Many who didn’t grow up in this area like to laugh at Southerners who appear to panic at the first flake and stay home as long as anything white remains on the ground [Read more...]

Thoughts On Changing the Economy

The Housing Market-

What’s it going to take to turn the housing market around?  We have to believe that it will turn around and how soon depends on you!

Day in and day out I continue to hear how bad it is.  I’m just tired of it.  People still need housing and why not purchase your own home.  Renting is a waste of time and resources.  Interest rates are low, but not at an all time low.  In most cases it is still a buyers market.

The only way that our economy will turn around is we have to invest in it and spend money.  Look – life is a risk.   So help yourself and others by going out to eat, taking that vacation, buying a new car or even purchasing a new home.

Charlotte Market Doing Well According to Case Shiller

We have a special guest blogger today – Bill Saint, CFO and Director, Simonini Builders, Inc.  Bill recently spoke at several Realtor® seminars.  This is a followup to the Charlotte, North Carolina real estate market.

At our Realtor® seminars this fall, I promised to share the updated Case Shiller numbers which came out last week, for data through August.

Way to go Charlotte! We are 2nd from the lowest in price decline, reporting an overall 2.8% decline during the past 12 months. Dallas, at 2.7%, was the lowest; with Phoenix the highest at a 30.7% decline.

Here is the updated Case Shiller report.

We’ve been delighted to meet with many firms this fall to provide an update on home design trends we’ve found across the country and what is asked for by our buyers. Additionally, we have an update on the overall Charlotte real estate market and tools to assist your resale buyers and new home buyers. I’m delighted with the feedback from many Realtors that these tools are being used to help make sales! Great news!

How Not to Sell Your Home in a Tough Market

In today’s market the value of a good Real Estate Agent is even more apparent as we struggle with the demands of finding that right buyer in order to sell your home for top dollar – let alone sell it at all.  A recent article in The Charlotte Observer “Real Estate Today” talks about why the owner of a home hasn’t been able to sell his home. This is an exceptional article that deals with the very frustration we, as REALTORS, deal with day in and day out! This particular seller has had his home on the market since 2005.  Sure the market was better then than now.  However real estate is and always will be localized in how it performs.  With in a week or two after placing his home on the market an offer came in.  It was for 5.7% less than asking price.  The owner turned down the offer convinced that they could do better.  Of course they did because SELLERS KNOW IT ALL!

The seller, a house painter, knows more about selling their home than that of an experienced professional. OF COURSE HE DOES BECAUSE SELLERS KNOW IT ALL! Lets assume that their carrying cost for their mortgage is a mere $1500 per month. That equates to $54,000 of payments for this period vs. taking the offer that was $30,000 less than the asking price.

Here are some things to remember:

1.  Real Estate is no longer recession proof.

2.  Greed, not intelligence, is often the factor for loosing a qualified buyer.

3.  Good realtors® fire their sellers when they don’t listen to them.

4.  The seller may set the asking price but the MARKET SETS THE VALUE.  This one bears repeating – the seller may set the asking price, but the market sets the value!

I’d like to hear your opinion on this or any related topic.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Offers Comparison Data

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools recently announced a powerful new tool that allows users to compare school performance against each other, state values, and more.  Several years in the making, this new softward gets down to the nitty gritty – are busses running on time?  what do the parents think of the school?  how does a school rate in relation to the state scores?

With newcomers to the Charlotte area hungry for information on our schools, this tool will be invaluable.  I haven’t tried it out yet, so I can’t offer an opinion on how user friendly it is.  If anyone has tried it, let us know what you think.

Read the story on the Charlotte Mecklenburg Dashboard.

Access the Charlotte Mecklenburg Data Dashboard.  (Instructions are in the upper left hand corner)