Foreclosure or Short Sale?

With more and more Americans facing the prospect of declining home values and unemployment levels not seen in quite some time, many homeowners and their lenders are facing the situation where the home is worth less than owed.  This is no problem if the owner doesn’t have to move and can afford their current payment.  If the owner is forced to sell for whatever reason, then the possibility of a short sale becomes a very real option.

What is a short sale? A short sale is an option you have before you reach the point of [Read more...]

Endangered Carolina Heelsplitter Back in the News

The Carolina Heelsplitter (a local species of freshwater mussel) is back in the news.  The Charlotte Busines Journal wrote on October 31st about the latest development and restriction news in Union County – a rural/suburban county SE of Charlotte NC.

Charlotte Market Doing Well According to Case Shiller

We have a special guest blogger today – Bill Saint, CFO and Director, Simonini Builders, Inc.  Bill recently spoke at several Realtor® seminars.  This is a followup to the Charlotte, North Carolina real estate market.

At our Realtor® seminars this fall, I promised to share the updated Case Shiller numbers which came out last week, for data through August.

Way to go Charlotte! We are 2nd from the lowest in price decline, reporting an overall 2.8% decline during the past 12 months. Dallas, at 2.7%, was the lowest; with Phoenix the highest at a 30.7% decline.

Here is the updated Case Shiller report.

We’ve been delighted to meet with many firms this fall to provide an update on home design trends we’ve found across the country and what is asked for by our buyers. Additionally, we have an update on the overall Charlotte real estate market and tools to assist your resale buyers and new home buyers. I’m delighted with the feedback from many Realtors that these tools are being used to help make sales! Great news!

Charlotte, NC Housing Market Update – May ’08

Is it a buyers market or sellers market?  The most often asked question is this a good time to buy or sell Real Estate in Charlotte North Carolina?   That depends on who you are.  As of May 08 we have 2386 sold in May with an average of 91 days on the market.  I’d say that’s back to normal for this agent.

If I’m a seller I need to price my home aggressively.  I need to know that there are other homes in Charlotte that are doing the same.  I have to be well presented both inside and out so that when someone is looking for homes for sale in Charlotte they will see the very best.  As the inventory begins to dwindle in Charlotte North Carolina it will quickly become evident that the market has swung to the seller.

Some sellers believe that many Realtors like a quick turn and therefore we price our homes too low.  Well this Top Charlotte Agent believes that you have to price it correct and it will sell.  The true market value of a home in Charlotte is set by the buyer and not anyone else.  I want my clients to get the most for their home, in the lease amount of time and with the least amount of effort.  I’ve been representing clients for 18 years in the greater Charlotte North Carolina area and I clearly understand the importance of pricing it right and presenting and marketing it well.

Our housing market reports page offers several market reports on various real estate areas of Charlotte.

Does anyone have any experiences both good and bad that they would like to share?

Charlotte Real Estate Rises in Value

Real Estate is local in nature – what happens in one market doesn’t necessarily have any bearing on what happens in another market.  See the links below-one describes the whole country and one describes Charlotte.  Our market never got superheated, so we haven’t had a crash.  We still have companies moving jobs here and local companies expanding – that means more people, therefore, more housing.


National Report

Charlotte Report



Charlotte Housing Market Report for September

Here we are – courtesy of Realtor® Reflections magazine (November 2007).  The latest report on residential sales trends for the Charlotte area.  Yes, it is November, but it takes time to compile data, so the September report is the most current.

Click here to see their report.

We have several, more detailed real estate reports that have been broken down by area, and include information on the average sales price, and how long homes are remaining on the market before being sold.

Charlotte Real Estate Trends!

New on our website are several reports on Charlotte Real Estate Market trends!  These reports show average sales price, months supply of inventory, and more.  We will continue to offer the sales reports from REALTOR Reflections magazine here on the blog, but the more detailed reports will be offered on Top Charlotte Agent and updated each month.

Charlotte Real Estate Sales Trends – August 2007

Here is the latest report on Charlotte Real Estate Trends courtesy of REALTOR Reflections magazine, October issue.

This report shows recent trends in 4 different areas of the Charlotte Real Estate market, including average days on the market and the average closing price.

This report is a general overview of the Charlotte area – for more detailed information, feel free to contact our office.

Real Estate Sales Trends – July 2007

Here you go – the latest report from the Charlotte Regional Realtors Association on Charlotte Real Estate sales trends.  This report covers Charlotte Real Estate sales during the period July 6, 2007 through August 5, 2007.

Charlotte Real Estate Report - July 2007

This report is courtesy of REALTOR Reflections magazine, September 2007 issue.

If you have any real estate related questions, you can always contact our office directly.

Real Estate Market Report For Charlotte – June 2007

For those of you looking for a current analysis of the real estate market trends in Charlotte, NC, we’ve added a report showing Residential Sales Trends.  This report will be updated monthly, and includes:

Days on Market

Residential Contracts Reported

Residential Closing Reported

Average Residential Closing Price

The report is courtesy of REALTOR Reflections magazine, August 2007.

Show me the report!